Freitag, 23. April 2010


Pictures by Tin

Über diesen Künstler ist fast nichts im Netzt zu finden.
Hier ist ein seltenes Interview von Arrested Motion.
Einige Auszüge:

Arrested Motion (AM): Tell us a little about your work.
Tin: — it exists … i don’t really know how to answer this question …

AM: Any formal training or background in art?
Tin: … no i’m self taught … i’ve always wanted to take classes though.

AM: One of the reoccurring themes in your work seem to be the seductive female archetype. Is she based on your ideal woman or are you modeling her after someone? What compels you to return to this over and over?
Tin: … i don’t think they are based on what i think is an ideal woman but certainly one that i think is attractive artistically … i read a quote by an anonymous artist that went something like this “i don’t know if i like curved lines because i like women or if i like woman because i like curved lines.” … the quote fits me and whatever the answer is, that’s why i return to it over and over … with that said though, there will be times where i’ll do something other than a seductive woman. i get bored really fast and when i’m in the mood ill try something else.

AM: Can you explain the melding of machine and living creatures in your paintings?
Tin: … i like contrast and dr. frankenstein … so a soft woman and/or a fluffy animal combined with hard metal helps me get my contrast fix … i’m also fascinated by broken women … women with mental problems or scars. women with hard history … women who have survived heartache and who are likely to stab me for who knows what … then the dr. frankenstein — i like the idea of experimenting in art about the experimentation of science … i definitely wasn’t a great science student but i appreciate the problem-solving involved … “how can i make this work?” i say that a lot when doing my art.

AM: Can you share with us some of what you have coming up in the future. Shows? Projects?
Tin: … doesn’t everyone like surprises … i do.


  1. ah wie geil - ich liebe diese art von kunst! erinnert mich stark an natalie shau. sehr geil. besonders das erste und das auf dem schaukelpferd hats mir angetan.

  2. @ Mpenziwe: Ja, Du hast recht (Natalie Shau). Ich mag diese Art von Kunst. Wunderschön, aber bedrückend.


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